Ouroboros is a visual narrative which supplements the emotional, psychological, mythological and philosophical discourse on the topics of environmental grief, climate anxiety, migration, and the cycles of life in the context of the Anthropocene.
Estimates suggest that climate-related events could displace 1.2 billion people by the year 2050. Ouroboros narrates the journey of a mysterious avian humanoid, tracing its origins through an existential voyage of exploration, achievement, and enlightenment, to its demise and subsequent metamorphosis. It prompts us to heed and absorb the collective acquired wisdom over millennia of existence. It follows the archetypal structure of the ‘Hero’s Journey’, a universally recognised narrative pattern in film, literature, myth and theology, in which a hero undertakes a quest, acquires insight and wisdom through observations interactions and challenges, and returns transformed.
The film, which features diverse global landscapes, pre-historic animals, the cosmos, and the sublime in nature, serves as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.
The film's captivating soundscape was composed and performed by Hélène Vogelsinger.
This film has been generously supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.​​​​​​​

Public Screenings / Events:
7-17th December 2023: Ouroboros a 44 page book is available to buy at 'Polyphonic' the Temple Bar Galleries Art Book Fair curated by Wendy Erskine https://www.templebargallery.com/exhibitions/dublin-art-book-fair-2023
8-10th December 2023: Ouroboros (Film) has been selected for the Knowmad Film Festival: Human Dignity 2023 https://knowmadinstitut.orghttps://knowmadinstitut.org/ksff/
30 November – 12 January 2023: Ouroboros (Film) has been selected to be shown at the Art Speaks Out – Environmental Initiative Film Festival on ikonoTV, Pluc.TV, the Dubai Airport, and COP28 in Dubai. 
21st September 2023: Ouroboros Screening and talk at IMMA  (Irish Museum of Modern Art), Dublin, Ireland
21st September 2023: Ouroboros screening at "Earth Rising IMMA